Sky Garden, Monument

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The Sky Garden is the highest secret garden you can find in London. Located on the 35th floor of the Walkie Talkie in Monument, the sky garden was opened in January 2015 – a few months after the construction of the building.

Accessible thanks to free bookings from 10am to 6pm everyday, the garden still remains one the most secret parts of the building. A member of the staff said that “between 10am and 6pm, most people only come for the view. After that, once the terrace is closed, people come to relax inside, to have a drink or something to eat, and that’s the moment they seem to realise the presence of the garden.”

Compared to other gardens, the ambiance sound of the Sky Garden is lacking the presence of birds and frogs, or any other animals for that matter. Instead, you can hear echoes of conversations, coffee grains being grinded and chairs being moved. A sort of mini jungle overlooking the main jungle.

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